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*Inspired Minds is about seeding a child's mind with a positive belief system, all through simple and enjoyable everyday products*
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Poster set 1
Poster set 1

inspiring posters - framed 11'' x 17''  

Absolutely beautiful! Get your favorite titles framed in a thin black frame with glass front. Hanging on a wall or resting on an easel; these inspirational messages will greet you each morning to get your day started on a positive note and will continue to inspire each and every time they are looked at.

What a gift! And it would be a gift of love to share with anyone, anywhere and any age.

$14.99 and the more you buy, the more you save.

Framed Poster 11 x 17
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inspiring magnets

Who doesn't love magnets!  Get your favorite titles printed on 2'' x 3.5'' magnets and let positive messages  stick to your heart, mind and soul.  Perfect for school lockers too! Minimum order of 8. 
$1.99 each and the more you buy the more you save.  Collect all 30!

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inspiring posters - Sets of 5 - each poster is 11'' x 17''

Spread encouragement at home, in the classroom, at the office, training centers, libraries, nursing homes, hospitals, you name it as these posters will inspire anyone, anywhere and for all ages. Posters are printed on card stock. $10.99 for each set of 5.

Inspiring Poster Sets of 5


inspiring notes -  2'' x 3''…10 each of 2 titles in one pack

Perfect little encouraging cards to hand out to anyone, anywhere and all ages! Tuck in lunch bags, backpacks, gym bags, or use as writing prompts and story starters. They also make great gift tags as the back side is blank for writing on.
5 packs of your choice for $14.95

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