PLAN: Whiteboard activity supplies include Inspired Minds magnets, dry erase markers

PREPARE: Draw multiple boxes or large squares on the whiteboard. Place a different magnet (affirmation) in each square, leaving room to write in the square. (This could also be done on a larger scale with the posters or postcards.)

PARTICIPATE: Ask students to identify with one of the titles and think about why that title relates to them.

Then ask them to write a short sentence or word to explain their thought on a sticky note, or have them come up to the board to write on the whiteboard. Have students place sticky notes on the board when they are done.

After each student has a chance to come to the board, you could take it one step further and have all of the students who picked the same box group up and share in their small groups why this title related to them.

You could also have each group share with the class why they believe this affirmation is important.

Inspired Minds magnets come in sets of 5, grouped by themed booster sets, or in a set of all 30 titles.