Ambassador: Kristina Holzweiss

We’ve begun installing our interactive social-emotional learning walk using Inspired Minds posters. I thought it would be a good idea if we posted positive messages in our high school courtyard.
First I created 30 Wakelet collections, one for each of the positive affirmation posters. I met with student volunteers, five so far, who will each collaborate with me on a collection that corresponds with their poster of choice. They will be responsible for curating resources and recording a video related to their positive message. I created the collections so the project can continue, even when students graduate and no longer have access to their school accounts. Then I downloaded the automatically generated QR codes for the collections.
To create the signs, I laminated the poster and the QR code and attached them with shipping tape to plain yellow corrugated plastic lawn signs. Lastly, I attached the metal stand to the back of the sign with duct tape. Then all I needed to do was to find some high traffic areas and install them.
I’m really excited about this project, and how students can learn from one another. All they have to do is to scan the QR code for instant access to resources and a positive message from their peers.

See the example on Wakelet



QR Codes blend tech with physical activity!

Kristina A. Holzweiss

Ed Tech Librarian

Long Island, NY Web:



Kristina was named the School Library Journal Librarian of the Year in 2015, a National School Board 2016 – 2017 “20 to Watch” emerging education technology leader, and a 2018 Library Journal Mover & Shaker.

She is also the winner of the 2015 NYSCATE Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award and 2015 Long Island Technology Summit Fred Podolski Leadership and Innovation Award.  In 2015 she founded SLIME – Students of Long Island Maker Expo (

In 2016 she was invited to represent Long Island, NY in Washington, D.C. during the National Week of Making.   Kristina is an international speaker on the libraries and the maker movement and has presented at conferences including ISTE, AASL, ALA, and NYSCATE. 

She is the Long Island Director for NYSCATE. Kristina is the co-author of Hacking School Libraries and is the author of two series of makerspace books published by Scholastic.

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