Page Keepers – Set of 30 – Hopefulness Booster Set


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This Inspired Minds Hopefulness Booster Set consists of 30 Page Keepers.  There are 5 statements intentionally printed simple, yet colorful, to offer an impactful and creative way to help gain hopefulness and build character to last a lifetime.  These page keepers not only works as a daily reminder, but can be signed to take ownership of believing in yourself!   Because these are uncoated, with the blank space in the front and lines on the reverse side, there are unlimited uses.  Draw - Color -  Add Pictures - List Books - Friends - Story content - Favorite Characters, record reading time, and the list goes on!  Laminate for a keepsake!


Set has 6 each of the 5 titles that match all Self-Esteem Booster Sets.  Size 2" x 6"


    • Use as a daily reminder

    • Sign and take ownership

    • Laminate for a keepsake

    • Use as an art project

    • For All Ages