This week, we tie in physical and emotional health with SEL skills. Students discuss how they can make choices that help them to become strong and healthy while becoming aware of what is within their control to change. The discussion is a way to apply the affirmation to each of the five core competencies of social and emotional learning.

We provide the idea-starters with the intent that teachers can develop creative variations to adapt to age-appropriate use for their students. 

SEL Discussion Resource: I AM STRONG AND HEALTHY


  • Write or say the affirmation together: I am strong and healthy.
  • When your body is strong and healthy, what positive emotions do you also feel?
  • How does a healthy mindset help you to have a healthy body?


  • Describe the aspects of being strong and healthy that are within your control. (Sleep, food, exercise, washing hands, mindset, etc.)
  • Discuss what aspects of being strong and healthy are sometimes outside of your control, but how you can still be as healthy as you can. (Illness, injury, disease, etc.)
  • What does it mean to be emotionally healthy?

Responsible decision-making

  • How do food choices affect how strong and healthy your body is?
  • How does exercise affect how strong and healthy your body is?
  • Describe how physical health and strength can affect your energy and improve your mood, fitness, and self-esteem.

Social awareness

  • What media messages could affect your physical or emotional health in a negative way?
  • How does social influence from friends affect emotional and physical health in a positive or negative way?

Relationship skills

  • Name some activities you can do with friends that would improve everyone’s health.
  • Describe some things you do with your family that help you to be healthier. (Playing outside games, walking, cooking together, etc.)
  • What kinds of exercises and activities help you to grow stronger while having fun with friends or family?


Next week’s SEL focus: I LOVE CHALLENGES

To find the full-size posters to use in your classroom (or the magnet or postcard size) visit our store.

Suggestion for virtual learning:

  • Purchase a pack of 30 postcards for the teacher to hold the appropriate one up to the screen during discussion.
  • Purchase a pack of 30 small hand-off notes for each student to have at home with them. This allows for an interactive and hands-on experience.