These questions are designed to initiate conversations about what it means to believe in yourself. It provides opportunities for students to think through self-talk, assess abilities, and look for social and emotional cues. The discussion is a way to apply the affirmation to each of the five core competencies of social and emotional learning.

We provide the idea-starters with the intent that teachers can develop creative variations to adapt to age-appropriate use for their students. 

SEL Discussion Resource: I BELIEVE IN MYSELF


  • Write or say the affirmation together: I believe in myself.
  • Writing prompt: What do you think is your best character strength? Give some examples of how you use this strength.
  • Fill in the blank: When I believe in myself, I can ­­­___________.
  • Believing in yourself means trying again if you make a mistake. Describe how it feels to try again and get better with each try.


  • We can’t always be the star. But we can still have personal wins. Give examples of how believing in your ability can help you win over discouragement, disappointment, doubt, or other negative emotions.
  • Self-doubt sometimes stops us from even trying. What can you do if you’re thinking, “I can’t”? How can you turn it around and believe in yourself? What self-talk do you use?

Responsible decision-making

  • Describe a decision you are proud of yourself for making when it was a difficult decision to make at the time.
  • When you notice someone else struggling with a task, do you step in to help, or do you stay back and encourage them to believe in their abilities? Talk about the pros and cons of both options.

Social awareness

  • When a friend doesn’t believe in themself, what do you notice about their
    • eye contact?
    • body movements?
    • words?
    • facial expressions?

Relationship skills

  • Make a list of non-appearance compliments you could give out to a friend to help them believe in themself.
  • Imagine you’re working with a group, and everyone else has a different opinion of the correct answer for the assignment, but you are sure you have the correct answer. What do you do?

Next week’s SEL focus: I AM THE BEST

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Suggestion for virtual learning:

  • Purchase a pack of 30 postcards for the teacher to hold the appropriate one up to the screen during discussion.
  • Purchase a pack of 30 small hand-off notes for each student to have at home with them. This allows for an interactive and hands-on experience.