These questions are designed to spark conversation with students to expand growth mindset and social emotional learning. This week’s topic is about self-improvement. The discussion provides opportunities to apply the affirmation to each of the five core competencies of social and emotional learning.



Let’s say the affirmation together. I strive to improve myself.

What does it mean to “strive” to do something?

Why is it that only you can improve yourself? Why can’t someone else do it for you?


Describe something at home or at school that you did recently that helped you to improve at something. (Example: practiced spelling or music.)

If someone wanted to get better at playing basketball, what steps would they need to take to improve themself?

How can we measure improvement?

Responsible decision-making

When you make a mistake, what can you do that will help you to learn and improve?

How can making a mistake help you to become even better at something?

Social awareness

How can you tell if someone else is discouraged? Describe their actions, facial expressions, and words.

What could you say to someone who tried so hard to improve but didn’t make much progress?

Relationship skills

If someone else has improved at something, how could you show encouragement?

Describe what it means to encourage each other instead of making something a competition.

Next week’s SEL focus: Every day and in every way I get better and better.