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Enhance social and emotional learning (SEL) with Inspired Minds resources—powerful tools to spark thinking with confidence, hopefulness, and cheerfulness. With daily reminders, this positive assurance or self-belief will activate the mind, heart and soul.

Choose from Posters, Magnets, Notes, and Postcards

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Inspiring Posters

Get your favorite titles on glossy paper or card stock to hang on a wall or to put in a frame. These inspirational messages will greet you each morning to get your day started. Also available in Spanish!

Inspiring Magnets

Get your favorite titles printed on 2” x 3.5” magnets and let positive messages stick to your heart, mind and soul. Perfect for school lockers too!

Inspiring Notes

Perfect little encouraging cards to hand out to anyone, anywhere and all ages! Tuck in lunch bags, backpacks, gym bags, or use as writing prompts and story starters.

Inspiring Postcards

Spread encouragement everywhere with Inspired Postcards! The back side of each postcard has a custom message to coordinate with the affirmation on the front.

Select your favorite from the 30 different titles listed below.

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More about Inspired Minds

The 30 titles of the Inspired Minds posters were developed with the help of a team of professional psychologists as a means to foster self-confidence. The award-winning inspirational posters, notes, and postcards feature 30 affirmations designed to promote social-emotional learning, inclusion, and growth mindset. Plus we offer free social and emotional learning (SEL) and growth-mindset resources for teachers!

Since the initial product launch, Inspired Minds has expanded the line of inspiring products to include sets of posters, individual posters, magnets, notes and postcards. It is our mission to encourage positivity, and to inspire others to believe anything is possible. Through the use of self-affirmations and by choosing to commit to encourage others by affirming them too, we know positivity can make a difference!

Our 30 poster titles are also available in Spanish. They are double-sided wherever there is both a feminine and masculine form of the wording available. 

It will always be our goal at Inspired Minds to help others:

  • Boost self-confidence and inner strength to help create happy life circumstances.
  • Instill a positive belief system from an early age that they can accomplish their wildest dreams.
  • Send positive thoughts through their subconscious mind, which have the power to convince the conscious mind they are true.
  • Have easy access to affordable products and gifts that will spread the message of positivity to others in their spheres of influence.

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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $59

“I would highly recommend…they are a totally different type of motivational chart that are simple and to the point.”



I love these posters from Inspired Minds LLC to promote #growthmindset and #kidsdeserveit.”


Author and School Librarian

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“With all of the mental health issues I see our teens coping with or trying to cope with everyday; hanging these posters in my classroom was essential. Any positive message that students come across, helps. What a great way to be a positive light in their lives!”



“The posters are definitely a hit, and people are so thrilled to have these positive affirmations available to help the kids they work with.”



Free Printable Writing Prompts

We love sending out occasional newsletters with helpful tips and prompts to accompany Inspired Minds products and tools.

We also have a FREE gift for you, a downloadable and printable sheet with 30 writing prompts! These prompts are designed to promote positive thinking, gratitude, and confidence in your students, or they can be used for journaling prompts.