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Inspired Minds posters were the brainchild of a gentleman who developed the posters for his two sons as a means to foster self-confidence. Working with a team of professional psychologists, 30 of the best titles were carefully selected out of 50. As with any great idea, the posters gained a life of their own and soon fostered a full-fledged business.

In 2012, husband-and-wife entrepreneurs, Cindy and James Kettner, were introduced to this innovative line of motivational posters through their business, CK Sales & Associates, an independent sales agency specializing in the educational sector. At that time, the line consisted of a 30-pack poster set and a 10-pack poster set.

“I wanted to represent this line, as it shouts everything I believe in – it was an instant yes,” says Cindy Kettner, co-owner of Inspired Minds LLC and CK Sales & Associates. “Everyone who’s seen these posters loves them. I am so proud to put these positive messages out there. We all need it.”

When the opportunity came to purchase the Inspired Minds line of products from the product developer, the Kettners jumped at the opportunity. Since purchasing the original line of posters, the Kettners have been excited to expand the products over the last few years to include magnets, single posters and inspiring notes, with more new products coming soon by request.

The award-winning Inspired Minds inspirational products feature 30 affirmations, such as “I believe in my dreams” and “I feel confident.” They have been designed for all ages and applications, including school classrooms, libraries, bedrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, offices—you name it, they fit.

Specifically in the educational sector, teachers have posted the 11-inch by 17-inch glossy paper posters on the classroom door or around the room’s upper perimeter, to provide daily classroom inspiration. In other instances, the posters have been laminated as desk pads and used for numerous classroom activities, including story starters and writing prompts.

The value of positive daily reminders cannot be understated, says Cindy. “Child psychologists and educators have said that the earlier you instill self-confidence, the more likely the child is going to succeed as an adult.”

“Self-affirmations on a regular basis have the power to inspire the mind, heart and soul to believe that anything is possible, and really by teaching your children at an early age, will help them to develop their inner tools to find their happiness and ultimate success.”

Cindy’s favorite affirmation? “I choose to be happy,” she says. “That’s important to remember; you have to choose what your life is going to be.”

“Our mission is to encourage everyone to stay positive. It’s a choice we all have to make,” Cindy says. “Reading the messages that the Inspired Minds posters offer on a daily basis will guide us all in the right direction.”

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