We’ve designed the Inspired Minds products to instill positive thinking in students. One way to interact with the 30 statements is to provide students with an opportunity to write their thoughts about how an affirmation applies to them personally. The goal is for students to build a growth mindset as they think about the concepts and also to grow their social-emotional learning as they think about how it applies to their own behavior. Certain affirmations would also lend themselves to writing about how to include others who are different from themselves.

One way of using the posters is to put one poster on the the board in front of the classroom and then allow students to journal using a writing prompt. For example:

Writing prompt: Think about a time when you quit trying or gave up. Now, write an imaginary story of how it might have turned out if you hadn’t quit.

We have created a free document that has ideas for a writing prompt to go with each of the posters. Get 30 printable writing prompts by email

Ways to use the affirmations for writing:

  • Have all students write about the same affirmation, as given in the example above.
  • Use one affirmation, but let students free write about what comes to mind when they see that statement.
  • Have students write about what they would tell themselves as if they were writing it to another student (using a second person point of view).
  • For older students, they could do a video journal to practice presentation skills instead of a writing activity. Using the same writing prompt, they would video their response.
  • For creative writing, have students write a story about a character who displays the quality of the affirmation of the day. For example, a character who never gives up.

Additional ideas for various ages:

  • Have each student pick a title they relate to and use it as a brief writing prompt. This works well with the hand-off notes, magnets, or postcards, since they could choose one and take it to their own desk.
  • Writing could be a great way to begin or end class. It helps to keep students engaged and fill time purposefully until class is dismissed.
  • For older students, use the writing activity during finals weeks before other tests, presentations, or big projects that might cause some students high levels of stress. Having them individually journal about their feelings and ending with an affirmation could definitely increase their confidence.